The Spa & Beauty Parlour


Relax and unwind at KAYAKALP Parlour. After a stressful day at work or an exhausting day out sight-seeing, try our experienced masseur to soothe away your aches and pains. Our expert spa staff can provide you with various treatments which will totally rejuvenate your whole body and mind.


  • Facial Treatments :Facials are an important part of every smart skincare routine. The benefits are obvious-healthy-looking skin that's incredibly clean, smooth and radiant. And the overall experience is so relaxing and luxurious.
  • Body Massage : Surrender yourself to absolute bliss. Massages have been proven to reduce stress and tension, improve a sleep and digestion and promote healing. Plus, they feel absolutely amazing.
  • Head, Shoulder & Scalp Massage : Fit for rush hour snapshot massage. The ideal massage to combat stiffness and stress, concentrate on the back and shoulders, help ease away shoulder strain and relieve tension.
  • Deep Cleansing Face Treatment : Invigorate. Enjoy this stimulating deep-cleansing treatment that re-energizes skin, improves look and vitality. Gently sloughs off dead-skin cells and smoothes the over-shaved, over-stressed face.